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ItsNat : Natural AJAX. Component Based Java Web Application Framework

spiral Welcome to the ItsNat web site. ItsNat is an innovative open source, GNU Lesser General Public License v3 and commercial licenses if LGPL v3 is not enough, Java AJAX Component based Web Framework. It offers a natural approach to the modern web development. Why natural? ItsNat leverages the old tools to build the new AJAX based Web 2.0 applications: pure (X)HTML templates, pure Java W3C DOM!. ItsNat is server centric using a unique approach called TBITS, "The Browser Is The Server": ItsNat simulates a Universal W3C Java Browser at the server, with ItsNat the server mimics the behavior of a web browser, containing a W3C DOM Level 2 node tree and receiving W3C DOM Events. ItsNat is strongly committed with the Single Page Interface web paradigm for web sites without sacrifice SEO, accessibility or bookmarking and without site duplication, supporting The Single Page Interface Manifesto

ItsNat provides many more things: web-continuations (continue events), user defined events, timers, asynchronous long running server tasks, COMET, DOM utils (to simplify DOM manipulation), resolution of ${} based variables in markup, ElementCSSInlineStyle support in the server, automatic page remote/view control of other users/sessions!!, XML generation, non-HTML namespaces support like pure SVG (and XUL) with AJAX and SVG embedded in XHTML, JavaScript generation utilities, events fired by the server sent to the client (server-sent events) simulating user actions (for instance to test the view using the server), custom pretty URLs, previous/forward document navigation (pull and push referrers) with back/forward button support, degraded modes (AJAX disabled and JavaScript disabled modes), extreme mashups, remote templates etc.

ItsNat provides a web based Component System too. These components are AJAX based from the scratch inspired in Swing and reusing Swing as far as possible such as data and selection models (but is not a forced Swing clone in web). Components included: several button types, text based components, labels, lists, tables, trees (all of them with content editable "in place")... In ItsNat every DOM element or element group can be a component.

You can build two kind of web application/sites, stateful (making use server state per user page and optionally sessions) or stateless (no server state per user page able to scaling to multiple nodes with no shared data), in both cases Single Page Interface SEO compatible web sites/apps are possible.

Supported desktop browsers (previous versions may work): Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer 8+ including Edge (v12), Opera 12.12+ (WebKit based), Safari 6.0.5+

Supported mobile browsers (previous versions may work): Android 4.0.3+, iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 7.1+, Opera Mini (still based on Presto), Opera Mobile (WebKit based).

Supported SVG plugins (very useful for Internet Explorer 8): Adobe SVG Viewer v3, Savarese Ssrc SVG/XUL (Ssrc also adds XUL to MSIE), SVGWeb, and Batik as applet.

In previous versions (< 1.3) a myriad of old and crappy mobile web browsers were supported.

ItsNat runs in virtually servlet container based on JVM 1.6 and upper and partially supports Google App Engine (including AJAX). Previous versions to < 1.3 were compatible with Java 1.4.

Try the online DEMO.

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ItsNat Droid is a side project going to create a new generation of Android applications, take a look here.

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2015, Nov 15

Published DZone article: "Four SPI Flavors: Stateful Using Hashbangs"

This article is a tutorial of how to make Single Page Interface SEO compatible web sites with ItsNat, in this case Stateful using Hashbangs.

2014, Feb 11

RelProxy v0.8 released! RelProxy provides hot class reload to ItsNat!!

RelProxy is a hot class reloader for Java and Groovy to avoid tedious redeploys. In spite of RelProxy is an autonomous project, it was conceived to provide hot class reload to ItsNat, avoiding redeploys when coding view logic in pure Java.

2013, Oct 23

Slides of the ItsNat SPI SEO compatible stateless talk in Codemotion Madrid,October 18-19

Slides authored by J.M.Arranz of the talk in Codemotion Madrid, October 18. Two versions, English and Spanish

2013, Oct 13

Added to tutorials: Simple ItsNat (Core) STATELESS Application

The new tutorial is the same tutorial as the previously published in JavaLobby and a subset of tutorial included in Reference Manual and online in the Feature Showcase.

2013, Sept 26

ItsNat is added to the hall of fame of frameworks with support of pure Java hot compilation and class reload!!

Similar to GProxy for Groovy, JProxy is the same for hot compilation and class reload from Java sources, take a look to ItsNat Experiments and source code (jreloadex folders). In a short future JProxy (and GProxy) will be included in ItsNat.

2013, Sept 22

Nice discovery: ItsNat works fine on Winstone Servlet Container

Winstone is an extremely lightweight servlet container with no more strings attached, you can run your ItsNat web project just with this command: java -jar winstone-lite-0.9.10.jar your_itsnat_project.war . Thanks to Ravindranath Akila for this discovery.

2013, Aug 18

Updated Groovy example in ItsNat Experiments to support AUTOMATIC RELOAD of classes

See online and Source code (groovyex folders)

2013, Aug 13

Added Groovy example integrated on ItsNat in ItsNat Experiments

See online and Source code (groovyex folders)

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2015, Sept. 18

ItsNat v1.4 released. First release in JCenter/Maven Central

Download & Release Notes

2013, Jun 30

ItsNat v1.3.1 released. Fixed important bug

Download & Release Notes

2013, Jun 8

ItsNat v1.3 released. NEW STATELESS MODE!!!

Download & Release Notes

2011, May 24

ItsNat v1.2 released. LGPL v3 LICENSED!!!

Download & Release Notes

2011, Mar 17

ItsNat v1.1.2 released. Fixed an important bug, UPGRADE RECOMMENDED

Download & Release Notes

2011, Feb 21

ItsNat-Spring example released

Shows how to configure an ItsNat web application with Spring DI. Download at SourceForge

2011, Feb 11

Updated the Single Page Interface Web Site Tutorial and Demo

Fixed some bug, now even more Google AJAX Crawling friendly. Download at SourceForge. Links: tutorial, online demo.

2011, Feb 4

ItsNat v1.1.1 released. First class support of Google App Engine and session replication in general

Download & Release Notes

2011, Jan 8

ItsNat v1.1 released. Removing nodes only in server, Improved Tolerance to external JS libraries, BlackBerry JDE 6.0 (Torch), SVGWeb Owlephant

Download & Release Notes

2011, Jan 5

Updated the Single Page Interface Demo based on the SPI Site Tutorial

Added Google AJAX Crawling support. Download at SourceForge. Links: tutorial, online demo.

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